IMA Policy Document on Control of Diabetes in Kerala 2016

  • Sreejith N Kumar Immediate Past President, IMA KSB
  • K P Balakrishnan IMA Research Cell
  • Mohammed Shaffi Global Institute of Public Health, Convenor, IMA Research Cell
  • S Vasudevan Associate Editor, Kerala Medical Journal
Keywords: Diabetes Management Guidelines, IMA Policy Document on Diabetes in Kerala 2016


Diabetes is a devastating disease, not just for the individual, family or society but for the whole globe. 415 million (that is one in eleven adults) are considered to have Diabetes globally, the figure for our country being estimated at 69 million. The prediction for 2040 is that 642 million people (one in ten adults) are going to be affected by Diabetes globally. Every six seconds a life is lost somewhere due to Diabetes, accounting for five million deaths. Diabetes, also affects one in seven pregnancies. These figures are huge and the situation is alarming which calls for immediate and effective intervention. This has prompted the World Health Organisation (WHO) to declare “Beat Diabetes” as the theme for World Health Day this year.
Considering that, Diabetes is the sixth leading condition causing loss of life and the huge burden it produces on various vital organs, the threat can never be ignored. Diabetes increase risk of heart disease, stroke, blindness and nerve diseases. It accelerates all infections, increases chance of losing limbs and is the leading cause for failure of kidneys worldwide and in India. The economic burden it produces to the family and society also is quite big.
Though the challenge is huge, we do have solutions. We need to equip ourselves to know the disease, its after math and effectively intervene to prevent the deadly consequences. We have to form our region-specific guidelines to effectively combat the threat of Diabetes. This compilation is an earnest attempt by IMA to address the problem and suggest suitable interventions. We appeal for active discussion on this document and fine-tuning it further to render it more useful. Meanwhile we hope that this document will enable better prevention and care of Diabetes.

Author Biographies

Sreejith N Kumar, Immediate Past President, IMA KSB

Consultant Diabetologist and Chairman IDEA

K P Balakrishnan, IMA Research Cell

Consultant Cardiologist and Chairman

Mohammed Shaffi, Global Institute of Public Health, Convenor, IMA Research Cell

Assistant Professor

S Vasudevan, Associate Editor, Kerala Medical Journal

Professor, Department of Urology

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