A Case of Acute Insulin Poisoning

  • V Balachandran, MD, MNAMS, FRCP (EDIN), FACC (USA), DIP. Dr.Nair’s Hospital, Kollam, Kerala.
Keywords: Overdose of Glibenclamide, Metformin and Insulin, Suicidal Intent, Emergency Admission with Antidiabetic Medication Overdose


Clinical presentation of massive overdose of any of the various oral antidiabetic medications available or the various forms of commercial insulin available either accidental or as a result of suicidal intent is possible in the emergency department. The prompt recognition of the condition, knowledge about the various metabolic derangements possible, providing correct management, avoiding rebound hypoglycemia and providing proper monitoring for a prolonged period are major challenges to be overcome. This case report describes a patient who presented with massive overdose of glibenclamide, metformin and insulin and was managed efficiently. The various options in management are discussed.

Author Biography

V Balachandran, MD, MNAMS, FRCP (EDIN), FACC (USA), DIP., Dr.Nair’s Hospital, Kollam, Kerala.

Chief Physician, Cardio-Diabetology

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Balachandran, V. (2016). A Case of Acute Insulin Poisoning. Kerala Medical Journal, 9(3), 131-132. https://doi.org/10.52314/kmj.2016.v9i3.423
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