COVID-19: Kerala Experience

  • Kanniyan Binub Malabar Medical College, Kozhikkode, Kerala, India
  • Althaf Ali Manjeri, Kerala, India
Keywords: Covid 19, Kerala


Globally different successful health models had been in the headlines which could contain COVID 19 pandemic in a better way. Mindful debate of various effective strategies adopted by different countries are in the limelight. Policy makers are keenly observing successful interventions to tailor them into their respective nation. Pros and cons of lockdown, magic and myth of herd immunity, grey areas on regard to epidemiological parameters of COVID 19 are some of the hot topics on webinars, apart from controversial theories discussed in social media. The objective of this article is to portrait effort of a small southern state in India occupied by 3 crore population, who have successfully restricted their death to only four.

Author Biographies

Kanniyan Binub, Malabar Medical College, Kozhikkode, Kerala, India

Deputy Medical Director/Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine

Althaf Ali, Manjeri, Kerala, India

Associate Professor, Government Medical College

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