Periodontal Diseases and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome: Revisiting the Myth Truth Saga

  • G R Manikandan Government Dental College, Trivandrum
  • K C Ajithkumar Government Dental College, Trivandrum.
Keywords: Periodontal diseases, Preterm low birth weight babies, Bacterial vaginosis, Pre eclampsia, Premature membrane rupture


The possibility that pathogenic microorganisms and their products from infectious foci including those in the mouth can spread to other parts of the body and trigger different diseases was first suggested by Hunter in 1910, in his “focal infection theory”. Periodontal Medicine emerged as a branch which focused on this oral systemic connection. More than 45 systemic diseases were found to have a link with periodontal diseases. Among them diabetes is having the strongest association in the form of two way relationship. Periodontal diseases in the pregnant mother can lead to adverse pregnancy outcomes which can lead to preterm low birth weight babies. This article gives an insight into the general aspects of the pathophysiology and the current evidence in literature both supporting and contradictory and the relevance of this connection.

Author Biographies

G R Manikandan, Government Dental College, Trivandrum

Junior Resident, Department of Periodontics

K C Ajithkumar, Government Dental College, Trivandrum.

Assistant Professor, Department of Periodontics

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